On average, women are paid just 82 cents to a white male’s dollar. For Asian American women it's 90 cents, for black women it's 62 cents, for native women, it's 57 cents and Latinas, 54 cents.

Leading up to October 29th, Latinas Equal Pay Day, the podcast series, Conversations for Equal Pay tells the stories of women of color at the center of gender and racial equity. The second season was launched on August 13th, 2020, Black Women’s Equal Pay Day to kick off a new series for the  Black Women’s Equal Pay Day Commemoration Project. A new episode is released biweekly.

Stay tuned to our special edition episodes in conjunction with Conversations for Equal Pay Live which features a  6 part live recording series. Conversations for Equal Pay Live is a 60- minute show affiliated with the Black Women’s and Latinas Equal Pay Day Commemoration Projects. The virtual taping consists of a conversation with a woman of color in leadership in front of a live Zoom audience. Recording dates are as follows: August 6th, August 20th, September 3rd, Sept 17th, October 1st, and October 8th. More dates, TBA. The recordings are broadcasted on the podcast later.

The Conversations for Equal Pay podcast series promotes leadership advice from women of color who reached the top of their industries to inspire other women who believe in the importance of closing the pay gap. We hope to send the message that women of color are making significant strides in various industries, yet their visibility, voices, and experiences are crucial to global change.




The experiences of women of color are unique. That's why the Women of Color in the Workplace agenda promotes strategies so that more women of color can get ahead. We exercise programming to strengthen pathways towards visibility, equality, equity, & leadership for women of color. Learn more.

For two years in the row, our founder spearheaded the Latinas Equal Pay Day Commemoration Project and then as of 2019, the inaugural Black Women's Equal Pay Day Commemoration Project was launched to elevate the conversation about the pay gap impacting black women! Click on the highlighted links above to learn more.




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